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Almatierra Restaurant

My name is Alejandro Flores Romero. I am originally from Valle de Guadalupe. I am currently the chef of almatierra restaurant, a kitchen in which I have been since the day of its opening 4 years ago.

I come from a family that is dedicated to livestock and that has helped me to appreciate the local product that we use every day for our dishes, fresh and high quality product.

Our cuisine is food with local and seasonal products, this way we always have the freshest for our guests, we have had a great influence of chefs who have stepped Almatierra, with influence I mean that many come from different states and all willing to share proposals from their roots and different ideas, ideas that are key to the creation of our dishes and the concept of this restaurant that has the great commitment to always offer the best products of the Valle de Guadalupe and the coast of Ensenada.

We invite you to continue visiting us and enjoy our dishes in the heart of the Valley.

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Ojo Azul Resort is a hotel in the Valle de Guadalupe and is proud to welcome visitors from all over the world ready to experience the stunning Valle de Guadalupe. It is a rustic yet refined luxury resort located in Ensenada, Mexico's premier wine and food destination. Built from the natural elements of El Valle, this full-service resort features 30 cabins, a wood-fired grill restaurant, an event venue, and an exquisite private wine cellar. Ojo Azul Resort is the perfect hotel in Valle de Guadalupe for your next Mexican wine tour adventure.